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The Meaning of Roses

Rose colors vary by growing area, time of year, local weather conditions and even climate variations within the same growing area. There is even some variation of color within the same rose variety. This guide is designed to give you a general sampling of many varieties which are popular today. New varieties are introduced every year.

  • Red - Romantic Love, Passion, Respect, Beauty and Courage
  • Orange - Fascination, Desire, Enthusiasm
  • Dark Pink - Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude
  • Pink - Appreciation, "Thank you", Grace, Gentility, Perfect Happiness, Admiration
  • Pale Pink - Admiration, Sympathy
  • Pale Peach - Modesty, Sympathy, Gratitude
  • Yellow - Joy, Friendship, Gladness, Delight, A Promise of A New Beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me, I Care, Jealousy
  • Yellow with Red Tips - Friendship, Falling in Love
  • White - Innocence & Purity, Secrecy & Silence, Reverence and Humility, Heavenly, Charm, Worthiness
  • White in a Bridal Bouquets - Happy Love
  • Purple or a Thornless Rose- Signifies Love at First Sight
  • Red & White - When given together, Unity
  • Red Rosebud - Symbol of purity and loveliness
  • White Rosebud - Symbolic of Girlhood
  • Single Red Rose - "I Love You"