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The Virginia Roses

Rio Samba

This was one of my first rose bushes. It is very hardy and has grown very well.

Fragrance: Moderate
Color: Yellow fading to red.

Gina Lollobrigida

My first prize winner for the 1996 American Rose Society's Annual Rose Show (Hampton Roads Chapter).

Fragrance: Light
Color: Yellow


Another hardy first year rose, and my third place winner in the 1996 American Rose Society's Annual Rose Show (Hampton Roads Chapter)!

Fragrance: Heavy
Color: Red


The newest of the bunch. Very healthy!

Fragrance: Light to Moderate
Color: Pink with a hint of yellow in the center


First year rose...took off quite nicely. In fact, too nicely.

Fragrance: Moderate
Color: Peach/Orange

Candy Tuft

Replacement Miniature Rose for the front walk way.

Fragrance: Light
Color: Pink


Miniature Rose on the back patio. I bought this at the Rose show as a baby (only a 3" potting plant). Now it is A full blown bush.

Fragrance: Slight
Color: Lavender

Hot Tamale

This is another baby rose plant I bought at the show. It, too, has filled out rather nicely.

Fragrance: Slight
Color: Brilliant Pink with yellow undertones

I hope the future tenants of the house kindly take care of my garden, even though it is small. :)